About me


Motto – Always do the best that you can at everything that you do. If anything goes wrong, you learn how to do it better the next time, but you have no regrets.


I like challenges. Life is full of routine chores that must be completed every day, but occasionally you get a chance to work on a project that stretches your mind and/or your body. A good project takes at least a year and is so large that for the first month you think that it is totally impossible but you just keep pushing as hard and as fast as possible.

There are very few goals in life that can not be accomplished by an intelligent person that plans ahead. We have to have a few geniuses to find new paths for everyone, but in general, everything else can be broken down into small pieces, and then those pieces can be assigned to people with the proper skills and talents.


Some of my past projects:

Helped build a hundred million dollar Medical Laser company (Indigo Medical).

Reverse-engineered and documented a robotic truck (PMTI).

Designed the electronics for a frequency stable ion laser (Lexel Laser Inc.)

Wrote browser software two years before Netscape (MouserReader on Amiga).

Created a fully automatic tester for a controller board with an embedded computer (SDL).

Created a complete part numbering system for a manufacturing company – twice (Indigo, PMTI)

Assisted in growing a singles group to 800 members (Singles Adventures).

Reverse engineered and repaired a complex fiber optic tester (Indigo Medical).

Recently got in very good shape by weight lifting and riding a mountain bike.

Built nearly 4000 feet of horse fencing by myself.


I am an engineer. I like Math, logic, and physics. Unlike many engineers, I also like people. I enjoy social functions and derive energy from meeting new people and finding out their interests. I often surprise people by remembering their name and anything they told me, even years later.


I have found that when I am working hard on a project, my co-workers will immerse themselves at the same level of intensity, adding their time and intelligence to mine. The result is a level of teamwork similar to that seen in pro sports. The walls go down, and the ‘ball’ is passed around at blinding speed. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts.


I am currently looking for a chance to go back to work. I am always a hard worker and dedicated to the success of the company that employs me. I will be happy working for you as long as you need me in any position.

Any technical skill that I do not have at the moment, I will learn quickly on my own time. Rather than searching for the rare applicant that has exactly the skills you want, hire me, and tell me the skills to acquire. As the company changes, I will learn other skills as required.