School 2.0

BillSchool 2.0

This is my vision for a non-profit educational facility. As such, it will probably change tremendously upon it’s collision with reality.
In recent times we have had vast changes in the knowledge available to anyone with internet access, the types of jobs available, and a decrease in the number of total jobs due to offshoring and automation.
These factors have left a lot of people unemployed, even if they have studied diligently for decades, even if they have a lot of experience in vocations that no longer exist.
My best guess is that in the immediate future there will be jobs for various types of programmers in many areas, including automation and artificial intelligence. There will also be jobs in designing and setting up automated factory systems.
Ultimately though, the best solution is to teach people to teach themselves, to rapidly become knowledgeable in new technologies. To boldly become experts where no experts existed before.
As a major part of the new ecology, we have crowdsourcing. Everyone needs to know how to use and contribute to the world in this transparent way, and the rules that have to be followed.

This is an attempt at a mission statement. (Please feel free to make comments of any sort).


To enable students to reach their maximum abilities by showing them how to get started and how to teach themselves. To encourage and motivate. To connect them to the entire world and huge open source projects. To teach them to lead, not for power and control, but to accomplish great works.
We wish to engage our students into our community, make sure that they understand and participate in our management, and can be a part of it for the rest of their lives. This will include working on large projects and research.


Each classroom will have laptops, tables and chairs for about 10 students, a projector for powerpoint viewing, a whiteboard.
Perhaps moveable walls so that we can open it up for larger events.
At least one good 3D printer. A small CNC milling machine, a small laser cutter.

Course types:

Production, making.
Creativity and Innovation.
Open Sourcing (world wide collaboration)

Course Construction:

Whenever possible, courses will be found on the internet, copied and modified to fit our standards. Teachers will provide links to original material. If possible, the modified course that we teach will be uploaded for the benefit of the whole world.
We can have classes and workshops for this subject.

Possible Courses:


HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL
Mobile apps


Basic electronics, microprocessors, digital logic, embedded programming


OpenSCAD, FreeCAD, Inkscape, Eagle PCB design

Production, making:

Soldering, welding, salvaging, woodcraft, 3D printing, laser cutting, injection molding


Leadership styles, Results only, Collaboration enhancement.

Creativity and Innovation:

Daydreaming, Selecting for success, Modification, Presentation

Open Sourcing (world wide collaboration):

Github, Creative Commons, Instructables, crowdfunding, Earning money with open source